Community Questions and Perceptions about VCU Research

The VCU Institutional Review Board (IRB) is the office that oversees all research involving human participants that is done through VCU. We make sure participants are kept safe and informed about what their participation involves.

We are interested in hearing about what you think of research in general, VCU's research, and how we can better communicate with your community. 
If you have questions at any time about the survey, you may contact the VCU Human Subjects Protection Program at 804-828=0868 or by email at ORSP@vcu.edu.

Thank you very much for your time and support. To start with the survey now, click on the Continue button below.
How do you feel about research that involves humans, in general?
How do you feel about the human research that Virginia Commonwealth University does?
How good of a job do you think VCU and VCU Health do at keeping research participants safe?
How much do you trust that the research being done at VCU and VCU Health is safe for participants?
Where would you look for information about research that is happening at VCU?
What questions or comments do you have about research involving human participants?
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